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Topps Tiles

Enabling new retail and business innovation for one of the UK's most successful retailers, Topps Tiles.

Secure SD-WAN
300+ Stores


For over 60 years, Topps Tiles has been a household name in the UK, renowned for its commitment to excellence in retail tile sales and inspiring customer service. With a network of over 300 stores, they provide expert advice and convenient access, making them a trusted partner for both trade professionals and DIY customers.


As the company has grown, its legacy network infrastructure started to hold them back. The limitations of Topps Tiles' existing MPLS network couldn't keep pace with their evolving needs for scalability and robust security. They needed a modern solution to support their business and IT strategy.

Topps Tiles' incumbent provider was unable to offer the solution they required. Assessing the competitive landscape, the network team conducted a comprehensive technology review. This internal process evaluated leading vendors and their offerings, with Fortinet emerging as a frontrunner due to its robust security solutions and feature-rich SD-WAN technology. Topps Tiles then required a partner to support them throughout the deployment process and beyond.


This wasn't just a technical challenge. We, at TIEVA, understood the importance of building a long-term, multi-tiered relationship with Topps Tiles to ensure the solution would not only address their current needs but also support their future growth plans. From the outset, we built a deep understanding of Topps Tiles' business - their aspirations, IT roadmap, and the challenges they faced.

We proposed a comprehensive solution encompassing connectivity, security, and SD-WAN. Our approach included:

  • End-to-End Solution: Our team handles every step, from design and deployment to ongoing monitoring and support.

  • Simplicity and Efficiency: A one-box solution for SD-WAN and routing, streamlining deployment, management and maintenance.

  • Robust Security: Consolidated security posture protected Topps Tiles' network traffic at all levels.

  • Performance and Visibility: Improved network performance with lower latency and a single pane of glass for improved reporting.

We also promoted open communication and transparency from the very beginning. This included inviting the Topps Tiles network team and decision-makers to our office for an end-to-end deployment demo. We walked them through the entire process, from initial configuration to ongoing management, allowing them to see first-hand what it would look like and provide feedback at the time.

Having secured the engagement, we assembled a dedicated project team with project manager, technical lead, engineers and our service desk – all working hand-in-hand with the Topps Tiles team. Rolling out a new network solution across 308 sites is no easy feat. Regular communication and a shared focus on minimising disruption ensured a smooth transition.


The implemented solution significantly improved Topps Tiles' network security and overall visibility. A robust security fabric now safeguards their network traffic at every level, mitigating threats and protecting sensitive data. Furthermore, the centralised management and reporting capabilities provide unparalleled visibility into network operations.

With our managed service, Topps Tiles has reduced the workload on its network team. Our dedicated team of experts takes care of the day-to-day management, monitoring, network optimisation and maintenance, freeing up Topps Tiles' team to focus on more strategic initiatives. This translates to increased operational efficiency and allows them to devote their resources to other projects.

The modernised network infrastructure provides a solid foundation for Topps Tiles' future projects. With its inherent scalability, the new solution can easily adapt to accommodate future growth and expansion plans. Additionally, the platform's flexibility allows for seamless integration with new technologies and services as Topps Tiles embraces further innovation. This future-proof network ensures they have the technological foundation they need to stay ahead of the curve and maintain their competitive edge.

Building on Success

Our partnership with Topps Tiles is ongoing. With a modernised WAN network we are now able to support Topps Tiles with other projects, such as telephony. We've successfully migrated their stores to a next-generation cloud-based phone system, 8x8, with contact centres next on the roadmap. Topps Tiles will continue to extend the Fortinet Security Fabric, modernising their LAN and WiFi - which is managed by TIEVA in the FortiManager in our cloud - further enhancing their network security and functionality.

"Our digital landscape required a transformation to better support our central, remote and store-based colleagues. The TIEVA team played a pivotal role in this process. By thoroughly understanding our IT strategy, they meticulously designed and delivered a comprehensive, managed service solution, which has given us a more secure, scalable and resilient network across all our sites. Additionally, we have migrated our stores to a new future ready telephony system, offering an array of new features aligned to our business needs."
Ian Croton
Director of IT