Hybrid Cloud Services

Cloud Management Platform

Unify your Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud operations through a single, intuitive interface and let TIEVA handle cloud management for you.

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TIEVA Hybrid Cloud Management Platform (CMP) simplifies the management of diverse cloud environments and elevates your team's efficiency and innovation capabilities. By offloading the burden of multi-cloud management to our expert team, you gain visibility across your entire cloud environment through a single interface.

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TIEVA’s certified cloud architects and engineers streamlines the management, consumption and optimisation of your multi-cloud services, aligning them with your operational needs.

Right-size and Auto-scale Services

Our team of cloud architects continuously analyses your cloud usage and automatically adjusts resources for optimal performance. You only pay for what you use.

Dynamic Workload Management

TIEVA’s platform allows for seamless workload migration between cloud providers to optimise value and performance based on your changing needs.

Intelligent Automation

TIEVA Hybrid Cloud Management Platform leverages automation to streamline operations and deliver continual improvement.

Unified Governance and Compliance

TIEVA Hybrid CMP implements a centralised governance model across your entire multi-cloud environment. This simplifies access control, improves security posture, and reduces human error.

Enhanced User Experience

A reliable and performant cloud environment delivers a smoother and more responsive user experience for your employees and customers.

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TIEVA's Hybrid Cloud Management Platform and expert-driven managed services unlock real-world business outcomes for your organisation. Built on the foundation of our F.R.A.M.E. methodology, our Cloud Management Platform is aligned with your needs to simplify control, optimise costs, and deliver measurable results.

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Starting your Journey

We begin by understanding your goals and collaboratively finding the best path to achieve them.

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Designing the Solution

We explore all available technology options to design tailored solutions that align with your current and future objectives.

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Build and Deliver

Our experts oversee all aspects of the solution build and deployment phase, delivering everything necessary to ensure your team is fully prepared and operational from day one.

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Optimise for Success

With technology in a constant state of development, we continuously seek innovative ways to keep you ahead of the curve. Our managed services also offer 24/7/365 support, proactive monitoring, regular service reviews, and assessments for the best experience.

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