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At a time when consumers are increasingly demanding greater flexibility, customisation, and responsiveness, many retailers find themselves lacking the technological foundation to meet these expectations. This is where TIEVA steps in...

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Why TIEVA for Retail?

TIEVA works with customer-facing businesses across the full spectrum of retail and hospitality to unlock the full potential of technology and expedite their tech transformation journeys. By taking the time to fully comprehend the unique needs of your business, we design and deliver the essential technology services and support necessary to create the platform on which exceptional customer and employee experiences can be built. Benefits include:

Embrace retail digital transformation with confidence. Together, we can tackle your key challenges, boosting innovation, expediting time to value, and implementing next-generation retail solutions at scale in a cost-effective way.
Enable unified and enriched shopping experiences across multiple channels, ensuring a seamless and personalised journey for consumers in-store and online.
Implement valuable edge-to-cloud intelligence to gather and extract meaningful consumer insights for more-informed decision-making, customised retail experiences, and improved inventory management.
Gain on-demand consumer insights, streamline supply chain operations and identify new revenue opportunities, to maximise efficiencies, reduce costs, and ultimately increase profitability
Enhance organisational agility by implementing secure, scalable solutions that enable a tech-driven culture, ensuring greater resilience to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions and operational challenges.
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Begin Your Retail Tech Transformation Journey

TIEVA delivers world-class technology transformation and IT services for retail, hospitality and other consumer facing organisations. Taking a comprehensive approach to technology consulting, delivery, and support, we work as a seamless extension of your internal IT teams to help you achieve greater outcomes for your business. Here are just some of the key solutions we can assist you with.


Secure SD-WAN simplifies retail management across distributed locations, allowing seamless deployment of a secure, high-performance network for stores, warehouses, and headquarters. It ensures consistent, protected connectivity with robust security measures, including encryption and intrusion prevention systems.

LAN & Wi-Fi

Establish a secure and reliable network to elevate the shopping experience for customers and streamline operations for staff. Our scalable and user-friendly Wi-Fi solutions prioritise customer satisfaction, offering advanced analytics and integrated location-based services for valuable insights into customer behavior, helping to build brand loyalty and gain a competitive edge.


Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) has become essential for retailers, providing advanced features that enable the delivery of personalised and efficient customer experiences. Offering scalable, omnichannel customer support with cost efficiency and flexibility, ensures customers consistently receive high-quality service.

Cybersecurity & Data Resilience

Ensure comprehensive protection for your customers' data with our end-to-end cybersecurity as a service. We safeguard data in use, in transit, and at rest, backed by robust backup, disaster recovery, and fraud prevention technologies.

Pos Break / Fix Support

When problems arise with POS hardware or software, immediate assistance is available to diagnose, fix, or replace components, minimising disruptions and enabling seamless, uninterrupted operations. This cost-effective and efficient support, helps you to maintain optimal functionality and customer service at all times.

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Customer success

Over 200 of the UK's leading retailers and hospitality providers put their trust in TIEVA to deliver and support their business critical IT

"Our digital landscape required a transformation to better support our central, remote and store-based colleagues. The TIEVA team played a pivotal role in this process. By thoroughly understanding our IT strategy, they meticulously designed and delivered a comprehensive, managed service, which has given us a more secure, scalable and resilient network across all our sites."

Ian Croton, Director of IT, Topps Tiles
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Enabling new retail and business innovation for one of the UK's most successful retailers, Topps Tiles.

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