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We're here to support you at every stage of your cloud journey. We work with you to understand your unique cloud roadmap and ensure your investment is aligned to your objectives, whether you choose to consume public cloud infrastructure, develop your own private cloud, or adopt a hybrid cloud strategy.

Our approach

Your cloud, your journey, your way.

There is no such thing as a 'one size fits all’ solution when it comes to the cloud. Whether you’re replacing old technology, streamlining processes, or trying to modernise your operations, it’s a journey unique to you. Our cloud experts follow a simple process to understand your technology landscape, business challenges and goals, so we can tailor our services to your cloud needs.

It's important to be clear on your motivations for transitioning to the cloud and the desired outcomes. Our team of cloud experts will conduct a discovery session to explore all factors essential for building a compelling business case for migration.
Once the objectives are established, TIEVA will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your existing IT infrastructure and workloads to identify what's suitable for migration, assess dependencies requiring attention, evaluate security and compliance needs, and more.
Our vendor-agnostic cloud consultants will leverage the valuable data gathered during the assessment to offer expert guidance. We'll assist you in determining the optimal cloud platforms and hosting options tailored to your application and infrastructure requirements.
Equipped with the insights from the assessment and consultation phases, we'll provide the necessary information and support to develop a cloud strategy and roadmap seamlessly aligned with your organisation's objectives and requirements.
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Drive your transformation with TIEVA as your trusted cloud provider

No matter where you find yourself in your cloud journey, we're here to assist you in identifying the optimal cloud strategy for your business. Whether your goal is to modernise data center systems, migrate to the public cloud, or pursue both, our cloud services empower you to unlock sustainable value and agility across public cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premises platforms.

Consult & Assess

Our cloud experts help you identify the right approach and solutions for your application and infrastructure needs. Through a comprehensive cloud readiness assessment, we’ll identify potential challenges and opportunities, and explore whether to leverage public cloud providers, the private cloud or adopt a hybrid approach. This valuable insight will empower your cloud journey and set you on the path to achieving sustainable success.

Adopt, Modernise & Migrate

TIEVA's Cloud Adoption, Modernisation and Migration solutions accelerate your cloud journey so you can achieve your business goals faster. Our FRAME methodology ensures a predictable and efficient process, prioritising both your immediate business needs and future goals. We'll guide you through a seamless transition, maximising security, performance and ease of management, and delivering tangible value for your business.

Cloud Management

Empower your IT team. Outsource daily cloud management to TIEVA's 24/7 cloud experts. We handle the complexities - monitoring, maintaining and optimising your business-critical cloud services -freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives aligned with your business goals. We look after every aspect of your cloud environment to deliver a secure and reliable cloud experience, with transparent and predictable billing.

Management Platform

Unleash the power of multi-cloud environments! While you focus on innovation we’ll handle daily cloud management, empowering your team and optimising costs. TIEVA's Cloud Management Platform simplifies control with a single interface for public, private and hybrid environments; unifying, simplifying and optimising your cloud experience. We streamline the management, consumption, and optimisation of your multi-cloud services in alignment with your operationalneeds, while you focus on driving strategic initiatives.


As your cloud journey evolves, robust and scalable connectivity solutions become the foundation for success. TIEVA’s secure, high-performance hosting and connectivity solutions ensure optimal performance, data security and agility, empowering you to optimise your environment, accelerate deployments, and cost-effectively meet the demands of distributed cloud services.

Cloud Migration for Fuel Card Services

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FCS now operates with a secure and effective virtualisation platform following the successful migration of all key systems to the cloud.

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Why Tieva Cloud?

We can help you to migrate, modernise, optimise and securely host your business-critical applications and infrastructure operations with ease.

Save time and money

Our managed cloud services offer significant savings, with no upfront investment costs for on-premises hardware, and no time or resource required from your in-house IT team to maintain it.

Accelerate your IT transformation

Leverage our skills and expertise to expedite your IT transformation with reduced risks, backed by industry-leading SLAs.

Get a competitive edge

Stay ahead of your competition, with up-to-the-minute technology, all supplied as a service.

Gain the flexibility to grow

Don’t let technology hold your business back. Our cloud solutions allow you to scale up, or down, when the need arises, without the complexity of purchasing and maintaining on-site hardware.

Protect your network

Accelerate transformation with our portfolio of secure-by-design cloud solutions. With the latest security precautions in place, and regular updates implemented, you can rest assured that you’re protected from cyber threats.

Manage your operations with ease

You retain the visibility and control you need, while gaining the freedom and peace of mind to focus on other initiatives.

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Accreditations & PartnerS

We're proud to work alongside some of the biggest brands around the world.

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Our Solutions

All your essential IT, delivered by our world-class team

It’s not just what we do – it’s how we do it. Our highly experienced, certified, and passionate team provide tailored end-to-end solutions to match the technical and commercial needs of each customer.