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Fuel Card Services (FCS) sells 900 million litres of fuel annually, working alongside leading fuel organisations including Shell, Texaco, Esso, Allstar, BP and many more. FCS operations span across 6 locations throughout the UK, with over 300 employees.

They offer a variety of fuel cards and fleet management services, all hosted in an online portal whereby their customers have 24/7 digital access to their accounts for easy online fleet management.


TIEVA and FCS have shared a long and successful relationship for over 15 years. In the past, their IT infrastructure was hosted on-premises, refreshed every 5-6 years on a Capex payment model.  

Moving the business forward in the global pandemic era - FCS required scalable, easy to deploy cloud services. They wanted to benefit directly from the flexibility and elasticity that cloud offers. 

Due to COVID-19, FCS needed to quickly facilitate remote working for their employees. Like most organisations, FCS realised the benefits on a hybrid work model and were keen to adopt this model post-COVID-19 to realise user flexibility in addition to future proofing the business- and cutting back on office space expenditure.  


After consultation, our team proposed that the combination of Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365 and Citrix Cloud would offer a single place for users to access and connect to any application or data, with a dynamic and powerful interface no matter what the device. This also enabled FCS to adapt easily, as the solution scales with new users and technologies. The combination of Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure makes it possible to create virtual resources with agility and elasticity, adjusting usage as requirements change. 

Microsoft Azure was used as the primary hosting solution for Citrix Cloud and Virtual Desktops. Microsoft Azure allows the freedom to deploy new infrastructure in minutes, without having to invest in any physical hardware. Whilst up-front Capex investments are mitigated when migrating to Azure, cost optimisation is a primary focus, and our team works alongside FCS to monitor and optimise their monthly Azure spend.

"The migration from a Citrix Xen desktop environment, hosted on-premise, to Citrix Cloud posed many challenges, but with the expertise and perseverance of the dedicated team at TIEVA these were all overcome and they have delivered a solution that future-proofs desktop delivery for all our staff."
Stu Feaviour
IT Manager at Fuel Card Services