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Sole technology supplier to British Library for 3 year term

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The British Library is the UK’s national library and over their history have complied the world’s most comprehensive research collection. They look after the nation’s archive of printed and digital publications, adding around three million new items to their collection every single year. 

The collection is home to over 170 million items including artefacts from every age of written civilisation. They provide information services to a variety of industries including academic, business, research, and scientific communities. But they have more than just books - The London and Yorkshire sites have everything from newspapers, sound recordings, patents, prints, drawings, maps, and manuscripts. 


The British Library’s IT Team wanted to update most devices in their existing fleet. As part of their refresh cycle, they needed new end point devices for users both in office and WHF, as well as British Library clients that utilise their facilities. 

TIEVA were introduced to The British Library through the YPO Technology Hardware, Software and Services – 979 Framework, following a successful tender bidding process. This bid meant that TIEVA would become the sole technology supplier for a term of 3 years, with two one-year extensions on client devices and asset disposal, due to the technical proposal delivered and competitive pricing. 


As part of the refresh, our team replenished a variety of end point devices: monitors, docks, laptops, and desktops. TIEVA delivered asset tagging and set up an asset register, so The British Library could track their fleet of new devices. On top of that, TIEVA included asset disposal of redundant equipment. TIEVA have committed to make a small donation to a charity of British Library’s choice whether that be in the form of Chromebook or Laptops to those in need within the community, for ethical disposal. As part of the asset disposal service, The British Library received a rebate on their old IT equipment. On top of this, TIEVA worked with the British library to ensure older equipment says in use reducing necessary waste. This was done via SSD drives to enhance performance on legacy devices.

We worked closely with vendors for both competitive pricing and to ensure stock allocation to meet with the roll-out deadline. TIEVA delivered and installed the following items within the first 4 weeks of the contract going live:

  • 200x HP laptops
  • 100x HP desktops
  • 100x HP docks
  • 100x HP Screens
  • 20x Solid State Drives
  • 10x Logitech Meeting Rooms
  • 190x Phillips USBC Docking Monitors


TIEVA will ensure that all these devices will be asset tagged and delivered ahead of schedule due to vendor relationships, cutting delivery ETA’s in half. 

Due to excessive ETA's on monitors and docks, we put forward a Daisy Chain solution based on Phillips USBC docking monitors with webcams. These devices save space and money with integrated dock technology; a feature-rich one solution at an attractive price. The British Library's previous equipment cost £407 per desk set up. With the new Daisy Chain solution, TIEVA has made a saving of 33% on hardware and energy consumption costs.

Due to existing relationships and certifications with hardware vendors, our Public Sector team were able to secure educational discount for British library for the first time, including free G-Suite licensing for all devices. G-Suite hosts a multitude of apps suitable for e-learning, usually costing £8.28 per user per month – delivering a saving of over £4,000 per month. 

Upcoming projects include a new Logitech meeting room installation – removing legacy Cisco Systems and moving TheBritish Library across to the M365 suite.  

"Working with TIEVA has been swift and efficient. We look forward to collaborating with TIEVA on future solutions."
Alan Hall
Media and Desktop Manager at British Library