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Rethinking the IT Infrastructure for Re-think group

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Rethink Group is a global recruitment services provider enabling the world’s most forward-thinking companies to surpass their digital transformation goals. They design and deliver a range of talent solutions fit for start-ups to large enterprises.

Their team are specialists in finding the best talent across industries spanning: Business Change, Data, Digital, Marketing and Technology. Rethink Group comprises of several companies across the UK, USA and Australia with primary UK locations in London, Birmingham and Manchester.


Rethink Group was coming to the end of a 3-year outsourced agreement with a previous incumbent. The service from their existing IT provider was satisfactory, but they often experienced challenges with lack of communication which caused delays in the swiftness and efficiency of resolving IT related issues. As a growing organisation – Rethink Group desired a new pro-active IT provider that would offer prompt and thorough communication, and a vision to support moving the business forward.

Rethink Group approached alternative suppliers, which lead to the review of their whole IT infrastructure. As part of this process, our team consulted with Rethink Group to discuss several managed services including: fully-managed infrastructure, Azure, M365 and service desk support.


Following a comprehensive consultation, TIEVA considered both the immediate and future requirements and came forward with a number of opportunities for Rethink Group to enhance aspects of its core IT infrastructure. Our team conducted a deep-dive discovery of their existing environment covering the solutions in place across their IT security, licensing, service desk, and managed services.

Quite quickly, our team realised they had the wrong M365 subscriptions in place. By restructuring their licenses to more appropriate subscriptions, we were not only able to make substantial cost savings, but also enhance the security tools available within the new subscriptions.

Rethink Group reinvested their saving on M365 licenses into implementing a number of new leading security tools such as AADP1, conditional access, mobile device management and Azure information protection. These tools provide additional threat protection, data protection, and device management features - protecting Rethink Group against online threats and unauthorised access, as well as improving the data management on company devices and computers.

In addition to these new investments, our solution also included a new Barracuda Firewall and Dell switch infrastructure – further enhancing Rethink Group’s IT security and network performance.

Our service desk now provides ongoing IT support 24/7 365 days a year for Rethink Group, offering a comprehensive service including a pro-active services team that works to spot and remedy potential issues before they arise.

"Working with TIEVA has been swift, efficient and marks a successful step for Rethink Group in terms of how our business operates and is supported. We look forward to collaborating with the TIEVA team on future projects and solutions."
Laurence Mottram
Director at Re-Think Group