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100% Cloud deployment for Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

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Established in 1967, Rosemont was created in a response to the lack of liquid medicines for patients who cannot swallow tablets. Their first liquid medicine was granted a license in 1974, and since they have continued to research and develop liquid format medicines, supporting healthcare professionals and patients and advocating support for patients with swallowing difficulties.

Rosemont has over 50 years of expertise in both pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. The manufacturing site is in Leeds and has seen considerable expansion and now produces over 4 million bottles of liquid medicine every year, with a portfolio of over 130 oral liquid medicines, including 70 licensed products.


Due to structural changes within the organisation, Rosemont required a completely new IT infrastructure with a preference to be cloud-only. Rosemont was previously part of Perrigo Plc but were subsequently acquired by Inflexion, with the intention of establishing Rosemont as a stand alone pharmaceutical company.

The objective was to achieve full separation from Perrigo in a short timescale without impacting quality and business performance by virtue of a carefully planned project to create a new IT infrastructure and migrate key business applications and data.

TIEVA were invited to submit a tender for the provision of managed IT services, cloud infrastructure and services implementation. It was outlined that the winning bidder provides all infrastructure, and a variety of IT-related services to underpin the future growth of Rosemont.

Rosemont required that the business remains adaptable and flexible to ensure they meet NHS and other stringent compliance methods. Their mission is to be a rapid developer, reliable manufacturer, and global supplier- meaning the organisation needs to be agile and fast paced supported by modern IT. 


TIEVA collaborated with Rosemont to design a new cloud Infrastructure with supporting services and provided design options with relative features, benefits, and cost models.

Given the high dependency on previous Perrigo-managed applications and hardware that Rosemont relied upon, TIEVA refined a successful design model providing Rosemont with their own IT infrastructure to run the business and its applications independently. The migration of applications and data services from Perrigo platforms including SAP was key.

TIEVA delivered a cloud-first approach for the new infrastructure; a ‘green-field’ deployment with raw data migration. Rosemont embraced cloud-based services as part of their infrastructure, within Microsoft 365 and Azure and plans to develop SharePoint online services. The design meant zero requirement for on-site servers and minimal core infrastructure but prioritised security, resilience, and availability for the mission-critical IT required at Rosemont. The design was supported by custom deployment and project management services, leading to a 24/7/365 service desk solution, spanning on-site and remote live support.

With Microsoft Azure products and services, you pay for what you use – creating cost efficiency. Cost management features allows for monitoring and control in Azure spend. Cost optimisation and management is a primary focus when TIEVA deploy Azure services.

Through our expertise and experience in cloud, TIEVA delivered a completely new and modern IT design with new levels of security features and performance, creating best value for Rosemont.

As their IT partner, TIEVA advised on realising the most out of the investment in IT, creating cost saving opportunities as well as optimisation. TIEVA also send weekly updates to relevant stakeholders at Rosemont, covering live and historic system utilisation and recommendations for improvements.

"Happy with the turnaround: deployment was fast and the delivery deadline was hit. Look forward to working with TIEVA in the future on upcoming projects, our stakeholder relationship is good and proactive."
Neil Price
IT Service Manager