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Move to the cloud with clarity, confidence and purpose with TIEVA's comprehensive cloud assessment.

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Before embarking on a cloud migration or modernisation project, it’s crucial to have clarity on your reasons why. At TIEVA, we partner with you to understand your unique business goals and challenges; and identify the right cloud strategy for your organisation.

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A seamless cloud migration requires a strategic approach that meticulously outlines your objectives and foresees any potential challenges. To achieve this, a cloud readiness assessment is essential. It provides valuable insights into the feasibility, risks, costs, and benefits associated with cloud adoption, enabling you to make informed decisions and ensure a successful migration.


Our team of cloud experts conduct a discovery session to frame your cloud vision, explore the possibilities and build a compelling business case for cloud deployments.


TIEVA performs a comprehensive evaluation of your existing IT infrastructure and services, identifying workloads suitable for migration, assessing dependencies, and evaluating security and compliance needs.


Our expert cloud consultants design a cloud environment for your unique requirements, and provide guidance on the optimal cloud platforms and hosting options.


With the insights from the discovery session, assessment, and consultation phases, we collaborate with you to develop a cloud strategy and roadmap.

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TIEVA’s cloud assessment service helps you make informed decisions regarding your cloud strategy to ensure a smooth and risk-free journey to your cloud destination. With a cloud assessment you can select the perfect cloud fit and migrate with confidence.

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Wherever you are on your cloud journey, TIEVA is here to guide you forward and help determine the right cloud strategy for your business. Speak to one of our Cloud experts today.

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Starting your Journey

We begin by understanding your goals and collaboratively finding the best path to achieve them.

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Designing the Solution

We explore all available technology options to design tailored solutions that align with your current and future objectives.

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Build and Deliver

Our experts oversee all aspects of the solution build and deployment phase, delivering everything necessary to ensure your team is fully prepared and operational from day one.

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Optimise for Success

With technology in a constant state of development, we continuously seek innovative ways to keep you ahead of the curve. Our managed services also offer 24/7/365 support, proactive monitoring, regular service reviews, and assessments for the best experience.

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