Future-ready networks that meet ever-changing IT demands

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Modern distributed organisations need future-ready networking solutions that enable end-users, and their devices, to securely connect, communicate and collaborate without compromising performance, or wasting resources.

Network services

Securely connect everyone, everything, everywhere.

We help businesses simplify the complexities of managing today’s networks and provide services that help transform and move your business forward, faster. Our range of network services includes:

Network Audits
Our network experts will work with you to evaluate your current operating state and understand what you want your network to deliver now, and in the future.
Network Design
We design future-ready networks that take in account all aspects, including your budget, connections; quantity, type, and location of all devices and endpoints; QoS, security processes, multi-cloud environments, and more.
Network Migration
Network migrations can seem scary. We take every precaution and work closely with you to test and plan everything meticulously to ensure any disruption to your employees and customers during a network migration is minimal.
Network Support
As part of our managed service, TIEVA will monitor and optimise the performance of your network. This service includes 24/7/365 support with event reporting, analysis, system alerts, and automatic notifications of any issues.
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Unlock the full potential of your network.

Our solutions are designed for you to achieve the best performance from your network and help assure desired business outcomes. Key benefits include:

Enhanced control and visibility

Gain greater control and visibility across your entire network, including applications, users and devices. Obtain actionable insights to help optimise your network and remove the stress of complex management.

Empower your employees

Allow users and their devices to securely connect to your network, at scale, so that they can perform their best work, anytime, anywhere.

Secure all connections

Our network services are secure by design and protect your users, workloads, applications, and more in a way that works for your business.

Built for the hybrid world

Maximise the benefits of the hybrid world worry free. Our networks are designed to keep your entire infrastructure connected and safe, without compromising on performance; all the way from the edge to your datacenter.

Solution Showcase:

TIEVA Secure SD-WAN combines high-performance SD-WAN and multiple security functions into one solution to help you simplify operations while meeting the security and performance requirements of today’s digital organisations.

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Networks products & services

Industry- leading products and services to help you build a more secure, resilient network.

Secure SD-WAN & SASE

TIEVA combine cloud-delivered security and networking services to enable businesses to extend data protection to devices, remote users, and distributed locations.


Super-fast, secure and reliable network connectivity for businesses of every shape and size.


High-performance, secure enterprise wireless LAN solutions and products from industry leading vendors including Aruba Networks, Cisco and Cisco Meraki


Defend against threats and safeguard the most vital aspects of your business with next-generation integrated network security.

Switches & Routers

Connect and secure networks of any scale — from the edge to the cloud - with future-ready switches and routers for every network.


Proactively improve IT and prevent issues with SaaS-based automated monitoring that offers advanced features for infrastructure, applications and business services.

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Accreditations & Partners

We're proud to work alongside some of the biggest brands around the world.

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Our Solutions

All the services you need, delivered by our world-class team

It’s not just what we do – it’s how we do it. Our highly experienced, certified, and passionate team provide tailored end-to-end solutions to match the technical and commercial needs of each customer.