Our approach follows a series of steps that provide clarity on what’s possible and how it can be achieved.

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Our steps to success

Many IT and technology providers will tell you that their approach to engagements is unique. We’re not going to tell you that. We simply follow tried and tested best practices that other IT providers may also subscribe to. It’s not rocket science!

Step 1: It's all about you
What do you want to achieve? What’s working, what isn’t and what could be done better? We start with a discovery session to learn all about you: your objectives; your existing IT infrastructure; your people; and where you want to go. We’ll also explore your maturity levels and capabilities, governance and security requirements, your desired ROI and your timeline and budget.

Next it’s our turn to inspire you. Our technical experts will deliver a tailored workshop, or series of workshops, exploring the technology landscape including the trends and innovations that can help you achieve your vision.We may even inspire you to do more than you set out to achieve. We aim to challenge some of your preconceived ideas and help you do more with your technology.
Step 2: Your people
To set your transformation project up for success, we engage with your people from the beginning. We assess the technical skills of your team, as well as your end users, to ensure that our technology and service recommendations are aligned with their capabilities, capacity and requirements.Where there are skills gaps or lack of resources we factor in training and adoption programmes, as well as recommending managed services to provide the expertise and coverage you need.

Our approach is to partner with your team to ensure everyone is aligned with your vision and business objectives. We take the time to get to know individuals in your team, build trust and promote a collaborative working environment.Once we’ve completed a detailed assessment of your current IT environment, internal resources and end-user requirements, we identify the technology and services needed to achieve your vision.
Step 3: Your transformation
Together with your team, we make sure everything is ready for a successful engagement and start the build. Whether it’s in the cloud or on-premise, this involves configuring and modifying the technology solutions for your unique requirements, and integrating them into your IT environment.Our project management team will keep you up-to-date with progress and concurrently we run user adoption programmes. We also start the on-boarding process for managed services, so everything you need is in place once your technology solutions go live.

We extensively test your technology solutions in line with a test plan agreed at the start of the project. Once everyone is confident that the technology is performing as it should, the service goes live. At this point we start migrating data, users and workloads to the new solutions, continuously testing and reviewing along the way.

Outcome: Successful transition

Even with the most robust planning unknown factors can occur, so we’re alive to this possibility and ready to act. We pride ourselves on our creativity, problem-solving and agility, we’re ready for any eventuality.
Step 4: Your new technology
The story doesn’t end when your new technology goes live. We continue to work with you as you transition to BAU and, if required, provide you with 24/7 managed IT support. From End User Support to fully managed services like Network Monitoring and Management, Cybersecurity as a Service, and Break / Fix Support, we help you get the most from your technology.

Partnering for the future

What trends and new developments will impact your organisation next year or in the future? What technology could you utilise to innovate, be more competitive or achieve long term strategic goals? We keep our customers up to speed: raising awareness of threats and opportunities; and becoming a trusted partner for advice, insights and inspiration.
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Our approach works and it's why we're trusted by thousands of businesses, including;