Uncover weaknesses in your cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Discover how susceptible your organisation is to modern-day cyber threats and create a strategic roadmap for reinforcing your security posture.

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TIEVA's Cyber Risk Assessment is an essential step in the ongoing effort to protect your business against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.


Understanding your cyber risks and taking control of your security strategy

Our cyber risk assessment will analyse your risk profile and highlight weaknesses that cyber criminals could exploit. You'll receive a comprehensive written report that gives you a cybersecurity score and recommendations to bring your cybersecurity in line with industry best practices – completely free of charge. The key areas that are assessed and risk scored are:

Identify potential weaknesses as seen by attackers. These vulnerabilities are the front doors for malicious actors to enter your business.
Employees can be the weakest link and bypass perimeter security measures. We test and identify personnel that could be an entry point for a phishing attack.
A full audit of your Microsoft 365 estate including: MailFlow protection M365 Secure Score Forensic Audit to identify signs of existing compromise
Identify user accounts that are without MFA. Multifactor authentication is now critical to prevent data compromise if account credentials are stolen. This is especially important for accounts with admin privileges.
A review of your backup and disaster recovery strategy. Understand if your business has effective infrastructure and processes in place, to enable recovery from the likes of ransomware.
Securing your endpoints both on and off-network is an essential part of any cyber security strategy, particularly if your business adopts a hybrid working model. This review will review whether adequate policies and endpoint protection is in place, to detect and prevent threats
Understand how well your firewalls have been configured to prevent an attack.

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Know your vulnerabilities. Get the facts about your cybersecurity. Register for your free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment today.

Why choose TIEVA as your Cybersecuirty partner?

Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Portfolio

TIEVA provides solutions built from best-in-class cybersecurity technologies that work seamlessly together to fortify your organisation's security posture, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Technical Expertise

TIEVA's team of consultants brings extensive technical expertise across cybersecurity and resilience. They work with you to understand your unique challenges and requirements to provide customised solutions that align with industry best practices.

Enhanced Security Outcomes

TIEVA's emphasis on best-in-class solutions and deep understanding of the threat landscape and cybersecurity technologies enables the design and implementation of robust security strategies that mitigate risks and safeguard your organisation's critical assets.

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