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TIEVA Cyber Resilience Warranties

Gain greater peace of mind with TIEVA’s cyber-warranty backed solutions delivering financial protection against Cyber Threats.

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TIEVA Cyber Resilience Warranty provides your business with that extra layer of financial protection in the event of a cyber incident, such as ransomware or DDoS. By combining our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Firewall-as- a-Service (FWaaS) solutions with a cyber warranty, you gain greater peace of mind, that in the unfortunate event of service failure, you will receive financial compensation to cover damages, recovery costs, and other related expenses.


How does it work?

TIEVA Cyber Resilience Warranty serves as a safeguard, helping to mitigate the financial implications arising from cyber incidents. Here’s how it works:

TIEVA Cyber Resilience Warranty is a standard feature with TIEVA’s DRaaS + and FWaaS + solutions, meaning you will not be required to go through any additional application process. TIEVA will manage everything on your behalf to ensure a streamlined and hassle-free experience.
In the unfortunate event of a service failure caused by an event covered by the warranty, the Cyber Resilience Warranty will kick in. The warranty offers financial compensation based on the annualised contract spend for the service, up to the limit of £400,000*.
TIEVA provides expert support and our team is dedicated to assisting businesses in navigating every step of the aftermath of a cyber incident, ensuring a smooth claims process and effective utilisation of the Cyber Resilience Warranty.

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