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You can never underestimate the value of your meeting spaces. They play a central role in your organisation's success, especially with the growing necessity for remote meetings involving employees or external connections. Neglecting these spaces can lead to outdated technologies that cause inefficiencies and provide poor experiences for all participants.

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A modern meeting room should welcome productivity, incite creative ideas and encourage open and clear communication. If you find that these boxes aren't being ticked within your place of work, TIEVA's AV experts are here to help.


What can a TIEVA Meeting Room do for you?

We tailor our meeting room solutions to you and your organisation, that's the TIEVA promise. From the very first meeting, through the design, build and management, our expert AV team will be there to support you every step of the way.
Easily invite participants to join remotely, and interact with them as if you're in the same room. No longer waste valuable time setting up a meeting - jump right in and get down to business.
Communication is key. Our team will analyse your rooms and design the best audio solutions for each space, ensuring you have the best equipment in place to communicate efficiently.

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