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Business AI Readiness Assessment

Unearth the true power of artificial intelligence and discover a world of new opportunities for your business.

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Is your business AI ready?

Our AI assessment will evaluate your operation, analyse your existing data infrastructure, workflows and existing technologies.


Your Bespoke AI Assessment

Every AI journey is different and needs to be shaped around your organisation’s unique starting point, circumstances, and goals. Our team of engineers and data experts leverage cutting-edge AI technologies and techniques, including large language models such as GPT, to ensure fit-for-purpose AI solutions are designed specifically for you.

We collaborate to understand your business processes, challenges, targets and objectives, and corporate data. The goal is to establish an understanding of your current business landscape and the potential areas where AI will provide most value.
A detailed, but non-intrusive, analysis of your data and technologies is conducted in collaboration with your IT teams to identify potential use cases where AI can be implemented - prioritising areas that deliver the highest overall value to your business.
You receive a report with the findings presented back to you, including an inventory of your existing data sources, operational workflows and recommendations for improvements which can be made to better facilitate AI adoption.

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What are the benefits of AI Assessment & Build Report?

While AI presents numerous advantages for businesses, determining the right starting point can feel overwhelming. A recent report showed that the majority of business leaders are optimistic about the benefits AI can bring to their organisations, but are still hesitant about how to implement the emerging technologies. An AI Assessment conducted by TIEVA serves as the perfect starting point.

On-hand Experts

Businesses are struggling to identify where to start with AI adoption. We will help to identify the key areas of your business where AI can make the biggest impact, making it easier for you to adopt.

Bespoke AI Solutions

We ensure that your AI solutions are yours. They address your specific challenges and requirements, making them the most effective and impactful for your business.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies

By taking advantage of the latest advancements in AI (such as GPT), we enable you to gain a competitive edge in your respective industries.

Productivity & Efficiency Gains

By making data-driven decisions, backed by your knowledge base, your AI solutions allow you to experience enhanced operational efficiencies, leading to better business outcomes.

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