Lee Ellams
March 8, 2023
Cyber Security

TITANIUM delivered by TIEVA featured in The Sunday Times

Gareth Davies, Chief Operating Officer of TIEVA, was recently featured in the highly-popular Raconteur publication, Cloud for Business, distributed in The Sunday Times.

In his article, Gareth explained why businesses should strive to create a comprehensive, multi-layered cyber security strategy utilising the most up-to-date and advanced technologies from a variety of vendors in order to secure their systems against modern-day cyber threats

"Traditionally, many businesses have been advised by experts to put in a single vendor solution, with the aim being to reduce the integration burden and simplify control." said Gareth. “But this can be very misguided, as the vendor providing them with a firewall is not necessarily proficient at endpoint protection, for example."

Some businesses are instead now adopting the “best-of-breed” approach, choosing the most effective security and business continuity services in each area to achieve the strongest possible protection. However, these systems must be both fully integrated and independently managed on an ongoing basis to keep up with new security threats.

"For many companies, this is far too complicated and costly a challenge, and as a result it’s highly likely they will always lag behind the threats that are out there. This is where we help," explained Gareth.

“Companies no longer need to be the experts in each domain or shoulder the burden of constantly updating and advancing systems. Modern IT teams have an even greater responsibility to contribute to the larger objectives of the business. Engaging a security specialist, such as TIEVA, is the perfect way to implement multi-layered protection with industry-leading cyber technologies, without the high cost and complexity of managing everything internally. This allows companies to redirect their resources toward more impactful business goals, safe in the knowledge that their network and data are secure.”

Raconteur: Cloud for Business – Click to read the full article
We don’t believe businesses are getting the best outcomes and value from their security investments. At TIEVA, we aim to change that by providing a comprehensive service with the expertise, technologies, and support needed to protect IT systems and free up time for business growth.
Gareth Davies

Introducing TITANIUM.

TITANIUM is TIEVA’s portfolio of flexible, cloud-delivered security and networking services that help businesses protect their devices, remote users, and distributed locations from a range of cyber threats.

By converging high-performance SD-WAN and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) security into a single service, TITANIUM eliminates the need to manage multiple-point products, while providing exceptional application performance and comprehensive protection.

The TITANIUM management console offers IT teams end-to-end visibility across their network, allowing administrators to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

As a cloud managed service that is actively supported by TIEVA, TITANIUM also helps to free up critical IT resources, time, and energy for other, mission-critical pursuits.

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