Lee Ellams
October 3, 2023

TIEVA Shortlisted for Prestigious VMware Award Recognising Cloud Innovation

TIEVA is delighted to announce that it has been named a finalist by VMware, a leading innovator in enterprise software, for an esteemed award acknowledging excellence in cloud innovation and transformation. This prestigious nomination stands as a testament to TIEVA's outstanding achievements in collaboration with VMware, bringing about remarkable outcomes for its clientele through its cutting-edge technology solutions.

As a trusted VMware partner, TIEVA has consistently demonstrated its commitment to pushing the boundaries of cloud technology to benefit its customers, and this nomination underscores the impact of that dedication.

“At TIEVA we’re constantly working to innovate and evolve our services to meet the changing demands of our customers,” said Andy Pilkington, Technical Director of TIEVA.
“By implementing cutting-edge technology solutions like VMware NSX, Aria, and vCloud Director, we've been able to offer private, sovereign cloud alternatives that address previous objections associated with earlier generations of IaaS services, such as the lack of control and self-service."
“It’s been a real game changer for our customers. These technologies enable us to provide highly flexible, consumption-based, geo-redundant solutions that puts control back into the consumers' hands, all while ensuring the robust security, management, and support they've come to expect from the exceptional TIEVA team."

The award ceremony is due to take place at the Oh Me Oh My venue in Liverpool, commencing at 19:00 on Wednesday, October 4th. This event promises to be an exciting celebration of industry leaders and innovators in the cloud technology space.

For updates and highlights from the award ceremony, stay tuned to TIEVA's official channels.

About VMware

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