Lee Ellams
April 4, 2024

TIEVA Sets the Stage for Future of IT Procurement with the Launch of Apexio eBusiness Platform

Leeds, UK, April 3, 2024 - TIEVA, a leading provider of B2B technology solutions in the UK, proudly announces the launch of its cutting-edge e-business platform, Apexio. This innovative platform is the result of extensive research and development, positioning itself as a game-changer in business IT procurement.

Apexio has been meticulously designed to offer TIEVA customers a simple and intuitive way to procure essential IT products for their businesses. With an expansive catalogue featuring over 100,000 items, the platform promises to deliver a seamless experience, placing all essential IT products and accessories at the fingertips of its users.

"At TIEVA, the customer is at the heart of everything we do," said Sam Weston, Head of eCommerce at TIEVA and one of the UK's leading experts in e-business. "Our mission is to simplify and maximise the value of IT for our customers. Apexio, with its intuitive design and extensive catalogue, reflects our dedication to this mission and will bring substantial benefits to our diverse customer base. I'm immensely proud of what we've achieved, and we're already seeing the positive impact it's having on our business and customers."

Apexio went live in February, and following a successful onboarding process, is now available to all existing TIEVA customers.

"It’s been amazing to see how our customers have responded to the launch of Apexio," said Scott Deacon, Sales Director, TIEVA. "We’ve had amazing feedback on how intuitive the platform is to use, and the result is the high volume of orders that are already being generated through it.

“The primary objective of Apexio is to empower TIEVA's customers to procure more efficiently, providing access to an extensive product portfolio while strengthening existing relationships with their Account Managers,” added Scott. “It will also help TIEVA to drive growth by removing inefficiencies and leveraging the site's features to create new business opportunities."

Key Features and Functionalities of Apexio include:

Intuitive Site Navigation: Apexio ensures a quick and easy user journey, minimising clicks and allowing TIEVA to customise the experience at a company/user level for a personalised touch.

Elasticsearch Functionality: The platform utilises Elasticsearch to provide intelligent search capabilities, allowing users to swiftly find and list results across the extensive catalogue of over 100,000 products.

When selecting a partner to deliver its vision, it was important TIEVA could find a company that both understood the IT marketplace and provide the flexible and scalable e-commerce solution it needed. With many years of experience and authors of their own robust platform, Red Technology stood out as the ideal choice.

Red Technology is a leading e-commerce solutions provider, combining many years of e-commerce agency services and authoring a sophisticated e-commerce platform to design and build responsive, multichannel e-commerce solutions for mid-to-large-sized retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

Renowned for its innovative and robust e-commerce solutions, Red Technology provides TIEVA with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate its online presence. Red’s deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the IT sector, allows for the creation of tailored e-commerce solutions that align with the industry's intricacies. It’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, aligns to TIEVA’s, and provides the agility needed to adapt to evolving market trends, helping TIEVA to continue to drive sustainable growth and retain a competitive edge in the ever-expanding digital marketplace.

As James Candy, Business Development Director, says, “Understanding TIEVA's unique requirements allowed us to craft a tailored solution that seamlessly blends innovation with functionality. Our team is dedicated to ensuring TIEVA's success by providing a scalable, user-friendly platform that not only meets their immediate needs but positions them for sustained growth. At Red Technology, we pride ourselves on being strategic partners, and our commitment to TIEVA reflects our passion for driving businesses toward digital excellence."

Integrating with Oracle NetSuite.

Critical to the success of Apexio was ensuring its integration with Oracle NetSuite, the leading cloud-based ERP system recently implemented for TIEVA by partner Nolan Business Solutions. Given Nolan’s ERP heritage, NetSuite development skills, broad IT industry knowledge, and their relationship and understanding of TIEVA, Nolan were able to architect this integration seamlessly and on time, further demonstrating their value as TIEVA’s NetSuite partner of choice.

“Nolan Business Solutions are incredibly proud of their partnership with TIEVA and the work we’ve done together driving them towards operational and financial excellence,” said Mark Hennessy, Managing Director, Nolan Business Solutions. “We look forward to further projects with both TIEVA and Red Technology as we continue to make a big impact in the IT reseller marketplace”.

This three-way partnership ensures TIEVA remains ahead of the competition with continuous software development and global reach.

Looking ahead, TIEVA plans to develop Apexio further by incorporating service elements for an end-to-end proposition. Additionally, the company is committed to listening to customer feedback to identify areas for improvement, ensuring a structured roadmap for future releases.

By launching Apexio, TIEVA reaffirms its commitment to simplifying IT and providing more powerful ways to work, solidifying its position as a leader in B2B technology solutions.

To learn more or for press enquiries please contact - marketing@tieva.co.uk


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