Lee Ellams
February 27, 2024

TIEVA Launches Pioneering Cyber Resilience Warranty Services for Enhanced Client Protection Against Cyber Threats.

TIEVA, a leading provider of business IT solutions and managed services in the UK, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Cyber Resilience Warranty services, setting new standards in the market for enhanced client protection against cyber threats.

In an era defined by evolving IT environments driven by cloud migration, hybrid work models, and the proliferation of AI, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unprecedented challenges in safeguarding their business from cyber threats. Recognising the critical need for heightened cybersecurity and business resilience measures, TIEVA introduces its Cyber Resilience Warranty, an innovative solution designed to mitigate the financial risks associated with cyber incidents.

"We’ve seen demand for this type of service grow significantly in recent times," said Mark Lee, CEO of TIEVA.
"Traditional cyber insurance has become increasingly important for organisations, but unfortunately, it often presents hurdles for our mid-market customers, such as high premiums and lengthy approval processes. TIEVA's Cyber Resilience Warranty addresses these pain points, offering a simple, quick claims process and robust financial protection, providing our customers with that extra layer of reassurance and peace of mind."

TIEVA is able to offer these warranty-backed services through its partnership with Spectra, a specialised cyber warranty company for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) serving organisations within the mid-market.

Through this strategic partnership, TIEVA becomes the first MSP certified to deliver managed cyber services integrated with Cyber Resilience Warranties, backed by SPECTRA within the Fulcrum IT Partners group. This pioneering approach not only underscores TIEVA's commitment to innovation but also sets a new industry standard for cybersecurity risk management.

SPECTRA, renowned for its mission to cultivate a resilient digital economy, revolutionises cyber risk management by extending Cyber Resilience Warranties to certified MSPs like TIEVA. Offering a 100% cash refund on services affected by specific cyber incidents, including ransomware and DDoS attacks, these warranties provide financial security, with coverage of up to $1,000,000.

"SPECTRA's certification of TIEVA as the first certified MSP is a major milestone and a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional services," commented Mark on the significance of this partnership.
"Our partnership with Spectra enables us to offer clients that extra level of protection and resilience in the face of cyber threats, reaffirming our position as a trusted leader in technology solutions."

Spectra’s innovative warranties facilitate a unique offering, enabling TIEVA to guarantee their solutions' resilience, backed by a commitment to rapid, no-hassle financial restitution in the event of a cyber incident.

"Our collaboration with TIEVA and the wider Fulcrum IT Partners group, resulting in TIEVA becoming the first certified MSP, gets the ball rolling for Spectra’s vision of enabling a secure digital landscape," remarked Edouard von Herberstien, CEO of Spectra.
"We are setting new precedents in cyber risk management, promising our clients not just cutting-edge IT solutions but also the assurance of robust protection against cyber threats."

About TIEVA:

TIEVA is a leading provider of Managed IT Services and specialises in integrating state-of-the-art technologies to offer businesses comprehensive, straightforward solutions, that are aligned to strategic outcomes. Its portfolio of flexible, cloud-delivered IT services combine security, networking, and data protection to help organisations simplify management and achieve greater levels of cyber resilience.

About Fulcrum IT Partners:

Fulcrum IT Partners is at the forefront of IT solutions, specialisng in cybersecurity, cloud, and managed services. The SPECTRA partnership is an outcome of Fulcrum Labs, Fulcrum’s innovation incubator which delivers data driven outcomes to its customers. With a focus on innovation and customer success, Fulcrum IT Partners delivers technology solutions that drives business



SPECTRA is an innovator in cyber risk management,offering Cyber Resilience Warranties that ensure service integrity, resilience,and customer peace of mind. SPECTRA solutions are designed to support MSPs andtheir clients in navigating the complexities of cyber threats with confidence.

For the original Press Release by Fulcrum IT Partners please visit here: Fulcrum IT Partners Prioritizes Business Resilience, Partners with SPECTRA to Introduce Cyber Warranty-Backed Technology Solutions — Fulcrum IT Partners

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