Chris Thompson
December 7, 2023

Secure Your Future: The TLS 1.2 Advantage

In a digital world constantly under threat, secure data transmission is non-negotiable. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the bedrock of this security, but not all versions are created equal. Enter TLS 1.2 – your ticket to a safer and future-proof online experience.

The Downside of Older TLS Versions

TLS 1.0 and 1.1, once pioneers, now pose risks. Vulnerabilities like POODLE and BEAST demand an upgrade. TLS 1.2 or later is the solution.

Why TLS 1.2 or later?

1. Unmatched Security:

Advanced cryptographic algorithms in TLS 1.2 and above, ensure a secure communication channel, shielding you from emerging threats.

2. Compliance Confidence:

Moving away from TLS 1.0 and 1.1 isn't just a security upgrade; it's a compliance requirement. Stay on the right side of industry standards, including PCI DSS.

3. Performance Boost:

TLS 1.2 and above doesn’t just protect; it performs. Modern algorithms make for faster, more reliable connections.

How to Make the Leap

1. Assess and Prioritise:

Know your current TLS landscape. Identify and prioritise systems that need an upgrade.

2. Plan and Communicate:

Develop a clear migration plan. Keep stakeholders in the loop. We're here to guide you through every step.

3. Test, Monitor, Thrive:

Thoroughly test your TLS 1.2 or above configuration. Monitor for anomalies. Your security is our priority.

TIEVA: Your Trusted TLS Partner

At TIEVA, we specialise in navigating the complexities of digital security. Ready to upgrade but unsure where to start? Contact us. Let's review your needs and fortify your online presence together.

Upgrade today, secure tomorrow – because your digital future deserves the best.

Contact TIEVA for a personalised review of your security needs.

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