Dan Pearson
May 11, 2023

Veeam Managed Backup

Data is the life blood of any business. Whether it's customer information, financial records, or critical business applications, losing data can be catastrophic. That's why having a backup strategy is essential, and using immutable off-site backups can be a game-changer for your business.


Many businesses have additional requirements to comply with various regulations and accreditations to ensure that their data is secure and protected. One such accreditation is ISO 27001, which is a globally recognised standard for information security management systems (ISMS).


To comply with ISO 27001, one of the requirements is to have a robust backup and recovery strategy in place. This includes having off-site backups that are secure and can be easily restored in the event of a disaster. Immutable off-site backups are an essential component of such a strategy since they provide an additional layer of protection against data tampering and deletion.


Although not all businesses will have ISO27001, or even aspire to it, one such regulation all UK business must adhere to is the General Data ProtectionRegulation (GDPR) which requires businesses to protect personal data from unauthorised access, loss, destruction, or damage. To comply with GDPR, businesses must ensure that they have appropriate backup and recovery processes in place, which includes having off-site backups that are secure and tamper-proof.


We all know what a backup is, but what is an immutable backup? Immutable backups are a typeof backup that prevents data from being altered, deleted, or overwritten for a specified period. This is an essential feature as it ensures that the data stored in the backup remains intact and cannot be tampered with, intentionally or unintentionally. This can be particularly useful in scenarios such as ransomware attacks, where hackers can encrypt or delete data on your primary storage, but with an immutable backup, you can quickly restore the lost data to its previous state.


One of the best practices for backups is the 3-2-1 backup rule. This rule states that you should have three copies of your data, stored on two different media types, with at least one copy stored off-site. Following this rule ensures that you have multiple copies of your data, and even if one copy is lost or destroyed, you can always restore it from another copy.


When it comes to off-site backups, using Veeam Backup & Replication Cloud Connect can be an excellent choice. Veeam Backup & Replication is a comprehensive backup and recovery solution that enables you to create backups of your critical data and applications. Cloud Connect allows you to store your backups off-site in a secure and reliable cloud repository. This means that even if you experience a catastrophic event such as a fire, flood, or theft, your data is safe and can be restored quickly.


Another advantage of using Veeam Backup & Replication Cloud Connect is that it provides advanced security features that protect your data from threats such as ransomware. For instance, you can enable the immutability feature for your backups, ensuring that your data is protected against tampering or deletion. Additionally, Veeam Backup & Replication includes features such as encryption, antivirus scanning, and network isolation, which provide additional layers of protection against cyber threats.


In conclusion, having an immutable off-site backup strategy is critical for any business. It ensures that your data is protected against threats such as ransomware, accidental deletions, and catastrophic events. 


At TIEVA we have our own data centre and utilise the power of Veeam Backup & Replication to provide you that offsite immutable backup. TIEVA follows the 3-2-1 backup best practice so you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe, secure, and readily available when you need it.


Speak to one of the Account Managers today to see how TIEVA’s Managed Backup service can help you with your backup strategy and provide you with immutability and compliance with whatever accreditations your business holds!

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