Simeon Banks
August 25, 2022

Basement Expansion Project Epitomises TIEVA Growth

TIEVA is proud to announce the completion of its recent office expansion project - substantiating continued growth which has seen over 50 talented employees join the organisation in the last year alone. 

The expansion was essential to accommodate team growth, although several new facilities have been added to ‘The Mill II’ as part of the project.

“The vision behind the expansion was to provide a dedicated space for our people to eat, socialise and relax. The expansion we have seen over the past 12 months has meant that we needed more valuable desk space to bring more people into the TIEVA family. We have taken this opportunity to change how the building works, with the addition of a new Training Suite and Meeting Room. The space is also away from everyone’s desk, to encourage people to take a break from day-to-day work when needed. This is another example how we continue to invest in world leading facilities for our people.”
Simeon Banks
Head of Innovation

A number of training rooms and facilities have been added to support TIEVA’s academy programs. These facilities are a key part of TIEVA’s Learning and Development Strategy, designed to support TIEVA employees in achieving their full through a number of key projects including apprenticeships, accreditations, training programs, and much more!


A new state-of-the-art social space was also developed to host a variety of customer and staff events. The space is now home to a luxury kitchen and coffee machine, a bar and pool table, social hang-outs and AV facilities to host customer workshops.

This is the first major office expansion project undertaken since TIEVA’s £1.1m Holly Park office move in 2021, a venture which established a brand-new UK HQ; bringing together teams and functions across the whole organisation. 

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