Sophie Cooper
April 17, 2023

7 of the WORST Teams ICKS you don’t want to be caught doing!

In today's world of hybrid work environments, communication tools like Microsoft Teams have become the primary means for team collaboration and communication. However, just like in the physical workplace, there are certain behaviours that can be a real turn-off and make it difficult to work effectively. 🤮

These behaviours are known as "Teams ICKS," and they can cause frustration and annoyance for team members! Are you guilty of any of them?

Let’s dive in…

1) One of the most common Teams ICK is when someone speaks while they're muted on a call, forcing everyone to shout, "YOU'RE ON MUTE!". This can disrupt the flow of communication so it's important to ensure that you're not on mute before you start speaking! Remember before you speak to unmute or even use the super easy shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+M)!

Woman saying 'I can't hear you'

2) Another Teams ICKS is when people add you to teams you don't need to be in. This can lead to a constant stream of notifications that can be overwhelming and make it difficult to focus on important tasks. It's important to ensure that you only add people to teams that they need to be in to avoid notification overload! 🤯

Chandler from friends saying 'That's too much information!'

3) And let's not forget the group call where everyone is talking over each other instead of using the "Raise a hand" reaction! This feature is one of the most under-utilised on Teams, but it can really improve the flow of communication during big meetings – saving everyone time and letting everyone that wants to speak get a word in.

Nick Jonas raising his hand slowly

4) This is a big one for me! A big Teams ICK is when someone calls you without asking if you're free, ESPECIALLY when your status says you're already on a call or on Do Not Disturb. It's important to respect other people's time and ensure that they're available before calling them.

Man shaking his head and getting of the phone

5) Let’s not forget those that have private conversations in group chats or channels – this can be annoying to other team members! It's important to ensure that private conversations are kept separate from group chats and channels to avoid cluttering the chat and creating unnecessary notifications for those not involved.

6) Sending multiple one-liners in chat instead of one paragraph can be overwhelming and cause confusion. It's best to consolidate your thoughts into one clear message to ensure effective communication.

7) And lastly, meetings that go on way past their scheduled time. Please make sure that you schedule meetings with enough time to spare - we all have things to do!

Jimmy Fallon saying 'Wrap it up' whilst gesturing with his hand

At TIEVA, we understand the importance of proper Teams etiquette and habits! Our Teams etiquette training can help you and your team improve communication and collaboration on Teams.

If you're interested in learning more about our training, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Cloud Team.

Stay tuned for more TIEVA blogs! #TievaLife

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