April 19, 2024 11:00 PM

Webinar: Leveraging Efficiency in Retail for Competitive Edge with HPE Aruba & TIEVA

Join us to discover how retailers are leveraging technology to build smart retail environments that enhance efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and secure a competitive edge.

Industry experts from HPE Aruba and TIEVA will share insights on transforming retail operations through IoT technology and analytics, enabling both operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Learn about innovative strategies driving success in today's dynamic retail landscape, enabling businesses to future-proof and thrive amid challenging market conditions.

Key Points:

- Efficiency is Key: Learn why efficiency is vital for retail success and how it impacts profitability and customer satisfaction.

- IoT Technology: Explore how IoT technology is being used to optimise inventory management, improve in-store experiences, and enable personalised marketing.

- Advanced Analytics: Understand the power of data-driven insights in decision-making, from product planning to pricing strategies.

- Case Studies: Hear success stories of retailers benefiting from these technologies.

- Future Trends: Explore emerging trends shaping the future of customer experience and retail efficiency.

HPE Aruba and TIEVA have forged a close partnership, blending industry-leading technologies, robust support, and streamlined processes with deep expertise in digital transformation. Together, they deliver innovative solutions designed to empower retailers to achieve heightened outcomes through technology, while seamlessly adapting to the evolving landscape of consumer demands.

Register now for invaluable insights into maximising retail efficiency and gaining a competitive advantage.

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